CSA Location Downtown Nashua with Free Off Street Parking

Stacy and Jason Lamountain

Stacy and Jason are offering their Café as a CSA Drop-Off Location for your farm!

We are planning to be open April 2nd – conveniently located at 30 Temple Street in the heart of downtown Nashua with ample off-street parking.  I’d like to start by talking with you to create a plan to make our CSA location a success for you.

Here are some reasons to consider making City Moose Café your new favorite CSA location:

Companies have a vested interest in keeping their employees happy and healthy and a CSA share is a great way to extend benefits to their employees. This may be as simple as a workplace will agree to be a drop point for your CSA and tell their employees about your program.  30 Temple Street currently has about 200 employees in the building Monday – Friday.  This is like so many of the best CSA marketing approaches: it allows your farm to capitalize on networks that already exist rather than needing to build your own.

Do you sell products to restaurants? We can be a great source of cross promotion because it is important to us for our customers to know that they are supporting local farms by buying at the Café.

Some ideas on how we cross-promote:

  • Chef Jason will feature your farm’s name on the menu when the dishes contain your product
  • Post information about your CSA near the entryway of the Café
  • Post about your farm on social media, like Facebook
  • If you like to be social, we will hold seasonal meet-the-farmer “happy hour” or vendor fairs at the Café. We will also have monthly Farm to Table Dinners where we can highlight your farm. This is a win-win because the Café can help you market the happy hour and we get to burnish our local food credentials.

These are just some of the ideas and reasons we’d love to partner with your farm.  We are hoping to move forward via email/phone and then have you come by for a meeting while the Café is under construction in March to hammer out some details and go over more ideas.

You are probably thinking ‘this sounds great but what’s the catch?  How much is this going to cost me?’ We’d like to be able to buy your products wholesale and at a discount (TBD).  In the unlikely event your farm has products we do not use in the Café, we can easily work something out, so we have a mutually beneficial relationship.

City Moose truly cares about the food our community eats and wants to become a hub of positivity around local agriculture.  Like anyone, we want to make money and pay our bills too, but we want our brand to have a deeper connection to the community.  Space will be limited so if you are interested in talking further, please email Stacy at Stacy@CityMooseNH.com or call me at (603) 413-0060.

Thank you and have a great day,